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Writer abir aboura Date 2014-02-26 View 5501
Share your perspective on what a World Changer should be
i think that the first step is stop any kind of war or colonization activation of humain rights for al humanity

What do you think the biggest obstacles to global peace are? What ideas do you have to overcome those obstacles?
world peace is the dream of many people starting from the youngest to the oldest , but is it the dream of all of us ? how could we find out the way to this dream ? did dominant nation agree with this dream ? if they agree why tell this day poor country suffer from there Policy with them ? a lot of question but no answer if the victim forget everything if we put out religion fights , pitrol war and Nuclear weapons plan we can maybe find a way for world peace . moreover those who kill our grandfather and mother those who assault our dignity make us as their slave if they do care about us and apology for once if humain rights low became active in all the country help all races and all ethnic group , gender ... put away all the stereotype about continent ... this dream is to big for us but we can change the world and it can be true for us for our children for all nation if only me you and them take this case seriously ....

What will you do to keep world peace ?
art i'll paint write and travel the world introducing my painting defining the world peace case


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