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[Women and Children] The function of First Lady in the world Jiao Sun / 2013-03-28


Are you a global citizen who cares about the Human Rights? World Changer / 2012-02-24

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[Romania / School Culture]Alexandra Popescu / 2015-07-16
I don't believe that you didn't hear before about kids from Romania which won medals to many scie...
[Korea, South / Nation Info]Hayoung Lee / 2014-12-11
Hello!:) I am Hayoung! I am 18 years old. Like title, you should know about this. This is Nort...

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thanks for reading abir aboura (Tunisia) i think that the first step is stop any kind of war or colonization activation of humain rights f...
Sunhee Leeand adrian baeejeuare now connected. [2013-03-06]
Sunhee Leeand Denisha Smallwoodare now connected. [2013-03-06]
zuhour alsomailand love nechwaare now connected. [2012-02-13]
A girl's story Hyeonsuk Lim (Korea, South) Have you ever heard of this girl's story? This story will inspire about the Human Rights. Tak...