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Women and ChildrenThe function of First Lady in the world
Writer Jiao Sun Date 2013-03-28 View 4776
   Chinese president Jinping Xi recently visited  Russia and African countries with her wife Liyuan Peng,it attracted the world‘s attention. Liyuan Peng is a very famous singer  in China, and Chinese people are caring about the  new title of  Liyuan Peng as First Lady of China. After Liyuan Peng showed up with President Xi, the clothes she wear,t he bag she takes are  all the key words in the Internet. When the world  know the  goods are all come from China, they  tend to buy Chinese goods more,relevant stocks  also go high these days in  finance area.Chinese call it the trend of Liyuan Peng. 
   Actually, there are many First Lady in  the world, like  Michelle LaVaughn Obama ,what is the role of First Lady in the world? What the influence they will take to the world? If you are interested in this topic ,please write down your ideas,we can discuss together.


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