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Writer Hayoung Lee Date 2014-12-11 View 5355

I am Hayoung! I am 18 years old.
Like title, you should know about this.
This is North Korean's human rights. Since I saw accidently the North Koreans escaping from their country on TV , I began to be interested in Noth Korean's human rights.
And I knew about this in detail by searching the internet. North Koreans are suffering from surveillance, hunger, and many things to threaten them everyday. Recently, North Korea teenagers who had escaped from North Korea were forcibly repatriated to Noth Korea. So, they are in danger of dying. If you love the Korea, please give your attention to them . Beacause they are Koreans like me. They need international attention consistently. If you give them consistent interests ,you can help them safe from North Korea authority. Please help them. If you have a question, please send me the e-mail. Thank you for reading this writing:)



  • Jeong-Sik Kim 20% of "North" Korean civilians were exterminated by NATO saturation bombardments and the US military considered dropping 30-50 Cobalt bombs onto the peninsula. Please learn history properly and don't blindly regurgitate Western (i.e. NATO/USSR/EU) narratives. Korea is a small, expendable chess piece that stood in the way of a global Christian crusade that has been going on for the past 500 years: Here is an incomplete list of "postcolonial" invasions committed in the 20th century (doesn't include earlier invasions, e.g. 15th to 19th century): "Divide et impera..." Wanna change the world? Know the world first. We Koreans are not alone in this. The entire Global South and basically all regions outside old, Christian Europe have fallen prey to genocide, colonialization, and foreign domination (indigenous peoples in the Americas, Siberia, Asia, Africa, Australia, ...). Ask our friends in India. In "Indochina". In South America. "Francafrique". (...) [ Mar 10,2020 ]
  • Jeong-Sik Kim As Kim Gu said, we neither want to be eternally imprisoned by our ego (capitalism) nor waste precious lives in endless infighting (communism). We have our own dreams, ideas, ideals, and traditions and want to define our own modernity, not by mistreating others, but through the strength of a great culture [ Mar 10,2020 ]