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[Nation Info]Please read this writing..
Writer Hayoung Lee Date 2014-12-11 View 4223

I am Hayoung! I am 18 years old.
Like title, you should know about this.
This is North Korean's human rights. Since I saw accidently the North Koreans escaping from their country on TV , I began to be interested in Noth Korean's human rights.
And I knew about this in detail by searching the internet. North Koreans are suffering from surveillance, hunger, and many things to threaten them everyday. Recently, North Korea teenagers who had escaped from North Korea were forcibly repatriated to Noth Korea. So, they are in danger of dying. If you love the Korea, please give your attention to them . Beacause they are Koreans like me. They need international attention consistently. If you give them consistent interests ,you can help them safe from North Korea authority. Please help them. If you have a question, please send me the e-mail. Thank you for reading this writing:)