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Reports & Columns Comfort Women? Or Enforced Sex Slaves?
Writer World Changer Published 2013-04-22


I'm pretty sure that you haven't really heard about those terms. First of all, I suggest you guys to watch the video that I put above this.


Q. Who are the Enforced Sex Slaves (Comfort Women)?
A. From the early 1930s and by the middle of 1945, the year that the Japan defeated in the Pacific War, lots of Korean women and girls forced into prostitution corps created by the Empire of Japan.


As you watch the video that I posted on, the Korean women didn’t know that they were going to work as sex slaves in Japan until they got there. Japan was in war at that time, and Japanese people just told the Korean girls that they are running out of hands in factories, so they need some women to help them. And they said to the girls, any time when their parents call, then they will send the girl back to Korea.


Q. Could the Korean young girls refuse that suggestion from Japan?
A. NOPE. If they did that, their family would be in a big trouble, for example, their parents are going to be in torture and their family would have to pay much more taxes than the other day, etc. In fact, most of enforced sex slaves leaved her country for other members of their family.


Q. Why did Japan need enforced sex slaves at that time?
A. During the Nanking Massacre which happened right after Second Sino-Japanese War (the war held between Republic of China and Japan), the civilian massacres were carried out by Japanese soldiers and they also raped ladies extensively. Japanese government felt that they were in need of supervision about sexual problem held by Japanese soldiers.


As the war gets larger and becomes a protracted war, Japan desperately needed to stop spreading of venereal disease. And also, they needed enforced sex slaves to enhance the Japanese soldier’s morale so that they can have effective military activities during the war.

We must know that the Korean young ladies were RAPED by Japanese soldiers.


Q. How old were the Korean girls at that time?
A. They were only 11-14 years old. Can you imagine? Some of them were in primary school. They were mobilized by compulsion from Japan’s appeasement. Japanese told Koreans that the girls who come to Japan are able to “study” and also “earn money.” I’m pretty sure that the YOUNG teenage girls wanted to continue their study as well as to earn money.


Hillary Clinton used the word, ‘enforced sex slaves’ instead of ‘comfort women.’

She directed to use enforced sex slaves rather than comfort women on every document in United States. However, Japanese parliament responded to it that the word “enforced sex slaves” is wrong.

Q. What’s the difference of meanings between those two terms?
A. It has a huge difference in its nuance between those two words. ‘Comfort Women’ has a positive connotation that they make them “comfort.” However, the term “enforced sex slaves” has a negative connotation. Japanese government contends that the term “comfort women” is appropriate. That means, they don’t want to apologize to the Korean women by admit their fault and reflect on their conduct. Also, they concern about their future that it is going to take a hit on their global image if they admit to use the word that they don’t prefer people to use. In my opinion, since the girls were forced to do it by Japanese soldiers, we should use the word, ENFORCED SEX SLAVES.

It’s really disappointing that our history has this kind of gloomy and sullen story. However, Japanese government has not apologized to the Korean female enforced sex slaves publicly. Most of enforced sex slaves passed away and there is only a few of them left. The ones who still alive today have lots of problems with mental illness as well as physical illness. Japanese should apologize to Korean ladies about their brutality. If they do not, this melancholy relationship will last forever in our hearts.

By Jenny Lim,

Staff writer


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