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Reports & Columns The Water-Splashing Festival in China
Writer World Changer Published 2013-04-22

The Water-Splashing Festival is in mid-April and lasts three to five days. During the festival, the door of every home is decorated with multicolored paper-cuts. All the villagers dress in their holiday best. Sheep and cows are slaughtered for feasting, plus delicious glutinous rice cakes, rice noodles, and rice wine.


The occasion is marked by a variety of entertainment, including singing and dancing, fireworks-displaying, boat-racing and exhibiting air-borne lanterns. But the most popular event is still water-splashing.


The first day of the mid-April Water-Splashing Festival is devoted to a giant market. On the second day, there are dragon-boat races. And the third day is what I'll call a water-splashing 'free for all'. It's impossible to get too hot, because the Dai people will drench you with water all day long.


Dancing and game-playing occupy the evenings during the festival. With the Dai people's sincere wish for your good fortune, as they sprinkle you lightly, then soak you to the skin, to be sure, your days will be filled with the greatest possible prosperity and happiness.Water is the most precious thing to the Dai people.


By Jiao Sun,

A Chinese intern of VANK


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